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We sit down with instructors to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.

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    swyx (Shawn Wang) on infinite building

    Tune in to hear Shawn talk about what it means to be an infinite learner and builder and how he uses this approach to further his career.

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    Henry Zhu, Maintainer of Babel

    Today, Henry Zhu, the lead maintainer of Babel, discusses what it's like to work on a large and important open source project. Henry gets into how Babel receives funding, how corporations are involved in open source, stewardship of an open source project, mental and physical health, and not compromising his values.

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    Phil Pluckthun, Creator of Dank Mono

    Phil Pluckthun is the creator of Dank Mono, a new monospaced programming font with ligatures. He is also a core contributor to Styled Components, a component-based CSS Library.

    Tune in to hear a discussion on how Phil got involved with design, how he become a core contributor to the styled-components library, and how and why he started working on Dank Mono.

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    Ives Van Hoorne, creator of CodeSandbox

    Ives Van Hoorne is a developer who built Code Sandbox, a fantastic online editor (we use it a lot at egghead).

    Today, Ives talks about a childhood interest that would lay the groundwork for his future career path. Tune in to hear how he got his start, what led to Code Sandbox, and where he would like to see things go in the future.

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    Health and Wellness for Developers

    Our guests all began in similar situations. They were all almost 300 pounds or more and decided they needed to make a permanent change. John Lindquist, Leonard Souza, and Taylor Bell discuss what caused them to have a wakeup call, and what they did to get healthy and stay healthy.

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    Brian Vaughn, React Core Team

    Brian Vaughn speaks about his transition from graphic design to programming, his building of react-virtualized, him landing his job on the React core-team, and finally, React's goals with 17.

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    Evan You, creator of Vue.js

    John Lindquist interviews Evan You, the creator of Vue.js. They discuss what made Evan want to become a developer, how he landed his first job, why he created Vue, and finally proxies and why they're powerful.

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    Jack Doyle, creator of Greensock

    John Lindquist speaks with Jack Doyle, the creator of Greensock. They discuss a number of things including the motivation behind the creation of Greensock, managing GSAP forums, and how he transitioned from Flash to Javascript.

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    Sarah Drasner talks about SVG animation with Greensock and Vue.js

    John Lindquist interviews Sarah Drasner, a senior cloud developer over at Microsoft and a Vue core team member. She is also known for making super cool animations. Today they discuss what got her from an art background to a full-time developer, resistance to change, why Vue is terrific, and the GreenSock animation platform (GSAP).

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    Reactive Programming and the P2P Web with André Staltz

    Joel Hooks interviews Andre Staltz, an open-source hacker, and creator of Cycle.js. Andre quit his job to become an open-source hacker and now spends 30% of his time on open-source development and 40% on the Scuttlebutt project.

    Today they discuss the current web's stagnation, the vision of the peer to peer web, and what André is doing to reach that goal. They'll also discuss things that are more in Javascript land, such as Cycle.js and the callbag spec.

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    React Router with Michael Jackson

    John Lindquist, co-founder of, interviews Michael Jackson, co-creator of react-router and co-founder of React Training. Michael talks about his experience with running a massively popular repo with a relatively small code-base, pioneering of new features, and the future of CDN based importing.

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    Data Viz using D3 with Ben Clinkinbeard

    John Lindquist interviews Ben Clinkinbeard, a veteran developer and egghead instructor. He currently works as a consultant, focusing on data visualization. Ben discusses his career path, the benefits of having a mentor, and the importance of Data Driven Documents.

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    Learning React with Kent C. Dodds

    Kent C. Dodds, a leading React expert, speaks with John Lindquist and Joel Hooks, the co-founders of egghead, about how React is a fantastic technology to learn for both newcomers to programming and Javascript grey-beards alike.

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    Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux

    Joel Hooks co-founder of, interviews Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux. They discuss the "Redux phenomenon" and the notion of improving the developer experience.

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    Getting into Python

    Will Button and Miller Hooks, two experienced Python developers, have a conversation about the differences between Python and Javascript, and what that means to a new programmer.

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    Using TypeScript with Basarat and Marius Schulz

    Two leading TypeScript experts, Marius Schulz and Basarat Ali Syed, discuss their initial reactions and excitement for TypeScript and how it has evolved and earned their trust over the years. TypeScript has been the main focus of many of their products and trainings and they’ve gained their expertise by closely following the project and digging deep into the TypeScript compiler code. As TypeScript continues to improve with features, tooling, and performance they share their opinions on what they’re most looking forward to in the near future.

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